Tackling Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a very common health problem among men and women especially among people who don’t do any physical work. After the age of 45, it is especially advisable to check the level of cholesterol in the blood. A high level of cholesterol can narrow blood vessels in particular, coronary arteries which supply to the heart muscles.

Ayurveda looks at cholesterol as a manifestation of kaphadosha, one of the three Doshas which keeps the body in a state of equilibrium. The other two Doshas are Vatha and Pitta.In Ayurveda, high cholesterol is seen as a product of Mandagni ( weak digestion) In this condition, Ayurveda advises a diet that can improve the functions of Agni ( digestive fluids ) and does not contribute to further assimilation of Kapha in the system.
The preventive and curative measures for cholesterol in Ayurveda can be brought under the following three categories: Lifestyle, Diet, Processed preparations from natural sources.


  • Do not sleep during the day. Even if you feel very sleepy due to some reason, sleep for a while in the sitting position during day time. Sleeping in lying position increases Kapha in the body but if you sleep in a sitting position, Kapha does not increase.
  • Walk for a while, if you walk two to three km a day at a fast pace with both hands swinging, that will burn sown the kapha in your body.
  • Dry massage: A dry massage in an upward direction on the body for a period of 45 minutes to one hour with the powder of triphala and roasted, powdered horse gram is very useful. This can be done by a professional masseur.


  • Take a glass of buttermilk mixed with a small onion chopped into small pieces every day after food.
  • Chop a small onion and mix it with lemon juice. Have it as a side dish with your food.
  • Add garlic roasted or as a chutney with your lunch.
  • Take one meal with wheat or a rice product. The second with fresh fruits and the third meal with cooked vegetables.


The following medicines are useful as a dietry supplement in the intial stages of cholesterol. You can choose one or two of these medicines for daily use, depending on the availability of materials around you.

These are simple and extremely safe herbs that are easily available in urban areas or commonly seen in the wild.

  • Boreahviadiffusa( Punarnava) is a weed seen all over the country. Atke 60 gms of its roots, clean well and chop into small two onch pieces. Crush slightly so that when the roots are boiled with water the juice inside can ooze out easily. Add one litre of wate to 60 gms of root. Boil till the water reduces to 250ml. after that filter this decoction and remove the roots. Reduce this 250mlof extracted decoction on a low flame to 120ml.Take 60ml in the morning on an empty stomach and 60ml in the evening, around 6pm again on empty stomach.
    You can use this process to make any fresh herbal decoction. Once you know how to make this medicine, it is as simple, as or as difficult, as making a perfect cup of black tea. Please try it.
  • Drumstick leaves are available everywhere. Take about 100gms of fresh drumstick leaves and make a decoction as instructed above ( add one litre of water and reduce to 120ml ) and take 60ml in the morning and 60ml in the evening with one teaspoon of powdered dry ginger and one teaspoon of honey.
  • Take 5 gms of fresh ginger paste. Add enough honey to make it palatable and take it in the morning after breakfast.
  • Take one teaspoon of tribhalaadichoornam (available in market) mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey at bedtime followed by a drinking of warm water.
  • Tinosporacordifolia (Gudbhel or Guduchi ) : This plant grows everywhere in India. Cut 30 gms of TinosporaCordifolia into small pieces and crush. Add 30 gms of TribulusTeriesting( Gokshura – Gokhru) a thorny plant seen all over in fields.

Make a decoction of both these as referred to above and take 60ml in the morning and 60ml in the morning and 60ml in the evening.

A perceiveable result should be seen within 41 days of following this advice.