Testimonials - Diabetic Wounds

Before Treatment: 

 Case history: An elderly male patient had external injury to his left foot, after his leg slipped into gutter. He approached us with non healing diabetic wound with uncontrolled blood sugar levels.
  We started external treatments like:-
  • Appropriate Ayurveda herbal oil application to proximal area of wound
  • The wound was exposed to herbal decoction pouring, and slough was removed.
  • Fumigation done to local area with dry herbs
  • Herbal paste was applied and dressed with clean cloth.
The same line of  treatment was followed for 1 month

Before Treatment Wound 1 Before treatment 2 Before Treatment 3

After Treatment:

The treatments and diet was followed continuously for 3 months. Wound was completely healed. Patient was able to walk and bear weight on left leg without any difficulty.

after treatment 1 after treatment 2